Help With Funeral Costs

Below you will find five different options for funding a funeral from Gallant Care, and remember, you can always speak to one of our team for advice and support. 

1. Social Fund Claim

This is a payment from the Department of Work & Pensions that covers crematorium fees, doctors' fees and £700 towards all the other costs such as funeral director and minister. You will be expected to cover the shortfall between this sum and the actual costs of the services you have requested from a funeral director.

To be eligible to make a claim you must be able to answer "Yes" to these questions:

Was the deceased usually resident in the UK at the time of their death?

Are you or your partner getting any of the following benefits?

  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance
  • Employment and Support Allowance (income-related)
  • Pension Credit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Council Tax Benefit
  • Working Tax Credit where a disability or severe disability element is included in the award
  • Child Tax Credit at a rate higher than the family element

For full details about eligibility and how to claim please visit the Department of Work and Pensions Website by clicking HERE

Please note that a social fund claim is unlikley to succeed if any close relatives are in paid employment and an award may have to be repaid if the person who has died had sufficient assets in their estate.

2. A Budgeting Loan 

This is an interest-free loan from the Department of Work & Pensions that covers important expenses and from May 10th 2012 these now include funeral costs. Even if you are eligible for a Social Fund payment a Budgeting loan will ensure the funeral can take place sooner. This loan must be repaid, for example with any Social Fund award. To find out more and to see if you might be eligible click HERE

3. Credit Unions

If you have saved with a credit union for more than 2 years you may be able to get a low interest loan. If the person who has died saved with a CU then you may find that modest life insurance cover was part of their service. This sum will really help towards the costs of the funeral.

4. Friends and Family

When a loved one dies you'll find that many people ask you how they can help. It's too easy to brush these offers aside but remember, they really do want to support you. Why not suggest they make a contribution towards the funeral costs instead of buying a wreath or bouquet?  

We are very happy to take multiple payments against a funeral account so a little note telling folk how to get their donation either to you or to the funeral director makes it easy for everyone.

We will keep you up to date with the total collected and you can even nominate a charity to receive any money that's left over. 

5. Others

Former employers may be able to help too. Simply send a polite letter asking for a contribution towards funeral costs, directing them towards your chosen funeral director. 


Is there any other option? Yes

Option number 6. Hospital or Local Authority Funerals

Some families simply cannot access any funds at all and they have the option to refuse to take responsibility for the funeral. 

If your loved one has passed away in hospital then the NHS Trust will make arrangements using their own contracted funeral director.

If your loved one has not died in a hospital then the Local Authority will provide a simple funeral using their own contracted funeral director.

In each of these situations you may find that you have no say when it comes to choosing the date and time of the funeral but you should be able to attend.

In cases where the person who has died has sufficient assets or where there is a family member who should have taken responsibility for the funeral costs any local authority or NHS Trusts has the right to reclaim these funeral costs.

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No Deposit Required

If you are making a Social Fund Claim we no longer require a deposit. Please call us for full details.